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3D Imaging

Cosmetic Dentistry
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No need to go to the radiology office anymore

We offer:

  • The most advanced, State-Of-The-Art in-office CBCT (i-CAT FLX) and imaging software for accurate and faster diagnosis and treatment.
  • The best in line, iTERO digital imaging system for sofisticated, new-age digital impressions in place of messy, wet impressions. No gagging ever!

Why Use Cone Beam CT Scans?

  • High-definition 3D digital imaging at a significantly less radiation than conventional Cone-Beam CT scans.
  • The ability right in our office to study every aspect of the facial skeleton and soft tissues
  • Ability to diagnose your dental conditions and the exact location of impacted and supernumerary teeth, the health of your jaw joints (TMJ), airways, sinus, nasal cavity, and nerve locations for implant placement.
  • 3D diagnostic information all in one convenient visit

Why Choose Dr. Butt Orthodontics?

Come in for a complimentary first visit to address your orthodontic needs.

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Our Expertise

Dr. Butt strives to offer patients both top of the line technologies and excellent service